About Perm Calculator

Works for any sport and any odds. 10 teams / events support

Perm Calculator is a sports betting odds calculator which gives maximum and minimum returns values for any given stake for all possible perms of odds from up to 10 teams or events.

Easily and Accurately calculate your sports betting winnings.

Perm Calculator accurately calculates your winnings from any sports perm bet quickly and easily.
Quite simply, we think, there is no better (or easier to use) sports betting odds calculator than this. Thats because we designed it for our own day to day use on fixed odds football perm betting, when we could find nothing suitable to do the job, on the web.
From the outset we wanted perm calculator to be fast, friendly and easy to use. We also had clearly in mind the information we wanted the calculator to give us.
This means, we give you much more information than online bookmakers about your potential winnings, allowing you to make informed choices about where to put your money according to the odds on offer.
Online bookies only give you the maximum you could win. We give you the complete range of possibilities for all possible perms of the bookmaker's odds, in an easy to assess format.

Perm Calculator is proven

We started using the original version of the calculator during the (2003 / 2004) UK FA football season and we published it on the web in late July 2004 since when it has been in continuous use by the online community.

Remember that online gambling, while fun, can be addictive. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Perm Calculator is a tool to help you with your online betting and should be used as part of an overall stategy, preferably including a betting bank and proper accounting of your winnings and losses. We make Perm Calculator available on the understanding that you and you alone are responsible for how you bet and the amounts you bet.

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Thanks for using perm calculator. Since we first made it publicly available, back in August 2004, we've been delighted by the response its received. Judging by the feedback, you and astute sports bettors everywhere, are now finding it the essential tool for calculating sports perm betting return.

If you've used perm calculator for any length of time, you'll have noticed we've changed the look of the site - also the calculator's appearance.
We've tried to retain the original calculator's visual clarity while reducing its overall size on the page. It works exactly the way you've got used to. The only difference is its appearance. Please let us know what you think.

Over the next few weeks and months you'll see more changes to the site as we add new features. Please bear with us as we do this. Not all links will work immediately.

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